chin up.

Sometimes i feel like my life is unexciting. I get down on myself because i have zero social life, and i don’t have any big bank account to show either. I eternally daydream about far away places. But all it takes is for one person to ask me “So, what do you do?” – and then i can’t help but smile a little.

I tell people well, i am a freelance graphic designer, but i also work at Anthropologie (and have a little pastry business on the side). Whenever words like that come out of my mouth, i am reminded that i am LIVING THE FREAKING DREAM. Who cares that i have nothing on the social or romantic horizons? Who cares that all of my friends are long distance, and i spend my only free time attempting to keep in touch? I am doing work that fulfills me, and that i am proud to be associated with. I am not stuck in a cubicle all day, and i am not burning out. Workwise, i am not looking for anything else – only for new situations, relationships, and places.

I am doing things that i am proud of… and that is something that money can’t buy.

Regardless of the loneliness and the cynicism that can frequently overtake me at vulnerable times, all it takes is for me to be ok is to realize what i do and how much i love it. I have said “yes” to so many new things this year, month, and week… and no matter how much sleep i lose or how uncertain my future is, it is all worth it. It has to be.


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