You know what i find absolutely fascinating? The amount of hidden talents or passions people have. In the US especially, we quickly peg people by their vocations. “What do you do?” we ask. And then, we think that we know what they do. 

A lot of times, these hidden passions are looked down on as “unreached potential” or “wasted talents”. I remember my Mom saying i was “selfish” with my piano playing/singing abilities, because i refused to share them with other people (and still won’t). But the truth is, we can’t be and do everything. In fact, i revel in the idea that one of my close friends could have some incredible ability that i haven’t even discovered yet. I find a strange secret joy in knowing that i can create a batch of killer french macarons that are notoriously difficult to bake, and that nobody knows about it. Who cares? It brings me pleasure, and brings me a break from what i might be pegged to be.

Sometimes, these subsets of our talents can end up becoming our main vocations. If we can foster an entrepreneurial spirit, and if we can be willing to put ourselves out there and surprise people, anything can happen. I don’t doubt that. But sometimes, it’s just nice to have outlets that you know are, in fact, outlets. These things can be the greatest comfort during the greatest trials and stresses.


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