how to

Griefs, at the moment they change into ideas, lose some of their power to injure our heart.” Marcel Proust

“We become properly inquisitive only when distressed. We suffer, therefore we think, and we do so because thinking helps us to place pain in context. It helps us to understand its origins, plot its dimensions, and reconcile ourselves to its presence.”

“The lesson? To respond to the unexpected and hurtful behavior of others with more than a wipe of the glasses; to see it as a chance to expand our understanding.” Alain de Botton

What a wonderful thing, and what a practical articulation of it.  What an obvious thing for me to be stupid enough to forget sometimes. When you look back on your life, is it the perfect, easy, lazy times that you think made you the person you are? Or is it perhaps the rocky, unexpected, introspective, stretching times? The complex and confusing are, however regrettably, more valuable for those who want to stretch, grow, and reach towards a potential that they haven’t yet.

Only i would read a book that had chapters titled “How to Suffer Successfully”, “How to Express Your Emotions”, “How to Open Your Eyes”, and “How to Be a Good Friend”… thank you, Alain de Botton…


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