magic stones

They’ll change the maps just to make more room,
One day they’ll stop staring at the moon.
Future me, you’ve got to learn to be alone,
Part of me wants to ignore how much i’ve grown. 

Thank youuuuu Stepdad.

Thought for the day:  you can gauge your true age by what you ask for for your birthday. When you’re little, you readily prepare a very exciting list, and present it at least a month in advance. My birthday is a couple days away, and my mom asks me what i want. My response is “ohhh you don’t have to get me anything”, and then when she finally gets me to crack, the only thing i come up with are a couple magazine subscriptions i’ve been thinking about. I honestly feel like my biggest birthday present ever is getting to see a bunch of my favorite people this month. How old am i turning again? 62?!


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