I have never been a goal-setter. But for some reason, every now and then, i come up with random things that i want to follow through on. Here is the list of my random Taylor goals that i set freshman year… some are big, some are small, and some are just irrelevant. But i am proud to say they are all checked off:

1) Study abroad for a semester
2) Never set foot in the health center
3) Graduate with honors
4) Never set foot in the geek room
5) Take part in Airband
6) Use the same ID for all 4 years

Well peace out real world, you’re not gonna catch up with me until June 12th. I am Greece-bound.


3 thoughts on “check

  1. annalou14 says:

    I am so glad that you got the chance to have the same ID for four years…way proud…that’s what I call a college graduate

  2. Annie Freaking Nelson says:

    7) Become friends with AFN and live the dream with her.

    Yep, that was accomplished as well…
    Hope that you love my voicemail that I left.

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