apples & mermaids

Okay, so there are lots of people who are freaked out by the fact that our nation is obsessed with and basically bowing down to the Apple/Mac corporation. Though this may be slightly disconcerting, I have found something much more terrifying. Our whole freaking nation is bowing down to and addicted to Starbucks! Not sure why this is scarier? I’ll tell you why. Starbucks is, in short, mediocre… average at best. It seriously is average coffee, and to top it off, it is produced and served within a mass-produced, character-void environment.

Now at least Apple is at the top of its field — the ipod, iphone, and macbook all blow their competitors out of the water. Everyone knows they’re the best… how could you not jump on that bandwagon? But Starbucks?! I have easily found so many superior coffee outlets that not only have better coffee and a better environment, but that are less expensive! What is the big fricken deal?! Come on, America. Don’t let the Starbucks gods own your soul.

So what is the lesson to learn from all of this? I say, if you’re going to worship an idol, at least have the discernment to pick one that is rather awesome.


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