i’m back…

Woah. Adjusting is weird… i’m not the same person. Why did i think i would be? The older i get and the more i do, i feel like i have several, separate lives. My “Australia life” seems so much more separate though, because i have few people who understand it, and it’s really far away. I can only assume that these different lives will keep multiplying… and i’ll have to start figuring out how to knit them together.

Currently cooking: awesome Australian food!!! Sticky Date Pudding… Wedges with Sweet Chili Sauce & Sour Cream… Lamingtons…

Current Pet Peeve: cell phones. Going 4 months without them makes me realize once again how annoying it is when people are just sitting around texting other people and not engaging…

Another Current Pet Peeve: people asking me what i’m planning to do after college. Come on, i haven’t even started senior year yet! Give me a break!!

Random thought of the day: if you say the glass is half full, it’s actually even more than half full. Because who really ever fills the thing all the way up to the brim?! It’s pretty much 3/4 full. So get excited.


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