Hellloooo 2010… i’ve been thinking about you for quite some time.

So i’m not really a New Year’s resolution person… instead i just make a short list of significant things to look forward to in the upcoming year. The things particularly central in my mind are:

  • spending 4 months in Sydney, Australia
  • obtaining/experiencing/completing a summer internship
  • starting senior year, and living in an off-campus house
  • beginning completely new friendships/relationships, and really savoring current ones

All of these things absolutely guarantee growth and change in my life… and i can’t wait. I embrace change, despite its anxiety, uncertainty, and the way that it screws your life up. But the growth and wisdom gained = worth it, without question. Here’s to 2010, a year of trying new things, testing new waters, and getting outside myself.


One thought on “beginning

  1. ang says:

    HERE’S TO YOU (raising figurative glass with figurative drink….sparkling grape juice, most likely.)

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