Well well well… the wisdom teeth are out, and i am currently watching  the first Lord of the Rings on VHS… awwwwweee yeeeeaaahh.

So, here’s a little present for you: Vampire Weekend has their newest single called Horchata up for free download, and man, it has been my favorite for the last couple weeks. So much fun. Listen to it and download it right here! And be sure to listen to all of Vampire Weekend’s stuff if you don’t already!

Lastly, have you noticed the gently falling snow on the screen…?! So hilarious. I was surfing around the “extras” section of WordPress blogs, and it’s all like “Check the box if you want to have falling snow on your blog – our gift to you until January 4th”. Ummm free falling snow on my blog? Yes please! So random…


One thought on “horchata

  1. Briana says:

    Ha. For sure saw the snow. I’m like…why does Kelly have snow falling on her page? This is fantastic. BTW Seabird’s new album is legit.

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