Heyo… so in the process of organizing a blog for an upcoming trip, i realized that i really should resurrect (slash introduce for the first time) my “personal” blog. Personal meaning, it doesn’t have a specific function, it’s just me and my mind here. So here i am, biting the bullet by publicizing the blog i was too chicken to publish. No, i did not start this thing just because it’s New Years coming up, i actually created it this past summer (my New Year’s activity will, i think, be going on a Facebook de-friending spree… can’t wait!). And no, all my posts won’t be this pointless and introductory, either. Annyyyywaaaaaayyyss…

Highlight of the day: listening to my older (50+) relatives discussing the “shenanigans” of myspace and facebook.

Introspection of the day: sometimes i become excited about things, and then my life kinda runs around that thing. I’m not necessarily a “goal-setter” per-say, but i always seem to have some event or concept that i am looking forward to or working towards. My mind is usually set on what’s going to happen next. Now don’t get me wrong, i engage in the present, and at times even soak it up / revel in it. I don’t like to check out. But there’s always that pull. Some call it motivation. Some call it fixation. Some call it trans-substantiation (nope). It’s always lurking. This is probably a good thing and  a bad thing, huh?


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